The experiences of “Steve Matthews,” who attended “Woodcrest” Boarding School are presented here for your entertainment. Although names have been changed to protect the innocent, the stories you are about to hear are based on actual events. Trigger warnings: Language, drug & alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, moral depravity.
The Lost Episode – “Point of Rocks”
Episode 1: “The Escape”
Episode 2: “The Beginning”
Episode 3: “Bad Reputation”
Episode 4: “Woodcrest”
Episode 5 “Frank”
Episode 6: “Set Your Head”
Episode 7: “Government Cheese”
Episode 8: “The Paper Route”
Episode 9: “The F Word”
Episode 10: “The Bike Wreck”
Episode 11: “Mr. Natural”
Episode 12: “Dickerson Quarry”
Episode 13: “The Field Trip”
Episode 14: “The Party Pit”
Episode 15: “The Unraveling”
Episode 16: “The Breakdown”
Episode 17: “Fiddlers Convention”
Episode 18: “The Aftermath”
Episode 19: “Final Pages”